Curious About E-Books and EReaders? Good Idea to Try It for Free First

Curious about the new trend to read electronic books or have them read for you in your MP3 player?

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It is a very good idea to try it for free first

But first, let’s have a look at: What is an eBook?

An e-book is a book that has been transferred to an electronic format so you can read it right on your computer, PDA or on a dedicated e-reader.

An e-book is thus a computer file.

You will typically buy or borrow the e-book via the internet.

Then, download the book from the shop or the library’s website.

To read an e-book, you need two things besides the book itself:

• Hardware

• Reader Program

The hardware is usually a computer, eReader or a PDA.

It is possible to use a PC or Mac if you want to read on your computer.

If you want to read on a PDA or phone with PDA function such as Palm, PocketPC and some models from Nokia and Sony Ericsson can be used.

Reader program to install on your computer or PDA.

It is free and can be downloaded via the Internet.

You can read more about the browser software at Internet, search for “ereader program”.

An e-reader is an electronic reading device that is designed to make the reading experience as pleasant as possible.

It looks much like a regular book and you can read directly on its screen.

Some eReaders can save more than 1500 books.

Can you imagine to travel for a holiday and bring 1500 paperbacks in your luggage?

If you are not using an EReader, you have to install an e-book reader software.

Before you can read an e-book, you need to install a browser program.

It is a free program that you use to read e-book on your computer / tablet / phone.

What program you should have depends on which device you want to read the book on.

First Download a free program to see that it works on your own device

Once you have installed your reader program, you need an e-book that you can read.

Start by selecting one free so you can see that everything is working properly before you buy or borrow your first e-book.

By bringing home an episode to make sure that the download of an e-book works and that you have installed your browser software properly.

Borrow an e-book

Again, search for “free ebook or e-book” on Internet and choose a bookseller or library.

One more tip: If you haven’t tried it yet, download a MP3 Book, it will make your time spent on the train, flight or long walk more enjoyable.