Deno Deploy moves toward GA, adds paid plan


Deno Deploy, a serverless service for running JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly applications at the edge, has moved closer to general availability with the release of Beta 4, which includes a paid service plan.

General availability of Deno Deploy is eyed for the third quarter of this year. Announced May 24, Beta 4 improves the dashboard and adds billing functionality. Users now will have to pay for higher levels of service. Whereas the free plan provides 100,000 requests per day, 100 GiB of data transfer per month, and GitHub integration, the Pro plan starting at $10 per month includes as many as five million requests per month. Data transfer costs 30 cents per GiB. After five million in a month, requests cost $2 per million.

The new dashboard is intended to make it easier to manage apps. For each project, developers can view average CPU time used per request. Users can adjust the time interval for displaying analytics among 24 hours, seven days, or 30 days. Project logs have been made more readable and a filter UI is being added for log level and isolate region. The project settings page has been refactored with a better UI/UX to make it more intuitive and easy to use. Playgrounds, for editing and running code in the browser, are now more usable, Deno said.

Future releases of Deno Deploy are slated to include caching, CLI interoperability, and improved analytics and logging. Deno Deploy is available in 32 regions worldwide. Three new European regions were added with the beta: Milan, Madrid and Paris.

Deno Deploy integrates the V8 JavaScript runtime with a high-performance asynchronous web server intended to provide optimal performance without unnecessary intermediate abstractions. Deno is the maker of the Deno JavaScript/TypeScript runtime, an alternative to Node.js.

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