Google Chrome Crash Fix Tutorial – How To Resolve Google Chrome Crashes On Your PC


Google Chrome might be a highly advanced web browser, but for many people, it’s still continually crashing. This problem can be caused by a number of different issues, which includes the likes of the browser not running correctly, your system having errors with its settings & your computer not being able to properly read all the functions required to run the program. We’ve found there are a handful of common problems which will be causing Google Chrome to crash – meaning that if you want to resolve the issues you’re seeing, it’s recommended that you repair all possible causes of the problem.

Why Does Google Chrome Crash?

Like many programs, Chrome runs with a series of files & settings. Although most computers will use these settings without any problems, it’s often the case that a specific issue inside the Chrome system will prevent the files it requires from running correctly. There are also a number of different issues which can cause Chrome to crash, including:

  • Your computer will not be able to process the settings it requires to run the program
  • Windows will be outdated
  • Your PC will have some “registry” settings preventing it from running correctly.

How To Fix Google Chrome Crashes

The first step to stop Chrome from crashing is to ensure the program is working correctly. To do this, you should look to click re-install the application, by clicking onto “Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs” and then remove the Chrome program from there. This will basically repair any of the problems that Chrome could have, allowing your system to run as smoothly & more effectively as possible. After uninstalling the program, restart your PC and re-install it from the Internet.

The second step to fix Google Chrome crashes is to then repair any possible problems that Windows may have with its features. To do this, you can click onto “Start”, then selecting “All Programs” and “Windows Update”, which will allow you to download all the updates which Microsoft will have released for the application. This will give your system the important settings it requires to run, boosting the speed & reliability of your computer as a result.

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