Google is showing some serious love to large screen Android devices


With updates to Google workspace applications, greater display Android devices are about to develop into even additional functional. Google Travel, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Keep are all receiving updates that maximize usability as we around the launch of the Pixel tablet.

The initially major update is for dragging and dropping photos, text or tables in between applications you’re working on a break up monitor. For regular customers of Push, you are going to also be capable to drag documents from your nearby navigation into your Drive application to add them. This extends more with the capacity to have two Generate cases open up side by aspect to type your file construction out.

Navigation via apps with keyboard shortcuts is a different update that will make pill end users joyful:

When applying an attached keyboard, use very simple and common shortcuts to speedily navigate all over Push, Docs, and Slides, with no needing to sluggish down and choose your palms off your keyboard.

The update is generally complete, with the keyboard assist rolling out from Thursday. The changes, as described, are making ready for the Pixel Pill, which is still to have a confirmed release date. The modifications are adequate to get me to wait around right before investing in a new pill until finally the Pixel Pill lands.


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