How Can Managed Hosting Help Your E-commerce Business?



Managed Hosting is a service provided by many web hosting service providers when you run an e-commerce website on a Dedicated, best VPS hosting or Cloud Hosting. No two hosting services can be exactly the same. It generally means your service provider is supposed to administer the hardware, software, and operating system requirements along with system software.

This also means that Managed Hosting will take up the responsibility of setting up your hardware, installing software and configure them, system maintenance and monitoring, providing updates and making use of patches and offer 24/7 support and guidance. 

There are two major types of Managed Hosting provided: Fully managed to host and partially managed to host. 

Now, understanding the role of Managed Hosting for your e-commerce business is a little complicated as there are many processes associated with it. We have collated a list of factors which can be taken care of by Managed Hosting to handle your e-commerce business. Maybe you like cheap vps server.

1.Fault management

Managed Hosting services are known to protect unwanted circumstances from arising; it can be anything from software checks to security and performance monitoring. Managed Hosting makes sure that this problem is resolved before it transitions into a critical issue. It might cause a major error in the networks which might also lead to site downtime. This proves to be of utmost help for those who face site requirement errors or do not have an in-house tech team to take care of such issues. 

2.Loading speed

Websites that load slow may not only cost you customers but also affect your search engine rankings. You are at the risk of losing around 5% to 8% of turnover if your site takes too much time to load. When you opt for Managed Hosting, your server is monitored every second to detect the performance issues and rectify them before it causes downtime or loading speed. This allows your customers to enjoy a smooth experience and reduce the loading speed of your e-commerce website. 


The e-commerce website is one of the favourite targets of hackers. These websites face the most security threats and also the customers using such sites for shopping. Some of the common security threats can be DDoS attacks, hacking information, data theft, and many more. Managed Hosting secures your site and server from all these threats and keeps it secure.

4.Cost Reduction

If you have an e-commerce business running online, you might need to have an in-house expert who can take care of all the sites related issues single-handedly. This means you have to add an additional employment cost to be added in company expense. It can be easily reduced by picking the best hosting for your website that offers 24/7 technical support and guidance.


Managed hosting can go a long way when it comes to handling your e-commerce website. There are many Cloud Hosting providers that offer you these services. They make sure they handle your business inside out just like you on your own would. Providing metrics, monitoring the traffic and website, checking the load time from time to time, and many such things can help you to keep up your website all the time and tackling the unwanted problems before they turn serious.