Know the Best Plasma TV by Learning the Advantages and Disadvantages of Plasma TVs


People have been hooked to television for decades. Currently, it would be impossible to imagine daily life without television as this is where almost all people now rely for information and entertainment.

Almost all households all around the world are owning television sets. A home would not be completely a home without a television in the living room, dining room or any other corners or rooms where house members can sit, relax and enjoy their favorite TV shows.

It is no wonder that numerous companies have been developing different television sets. Now, there are so many brands to choose from. Aside from those brand names, different television technologies are also arising.

Yes, the conventional cathode ray tube (CRT TV) has evolved a lot. Many consumer electronics makers have been spending considerable amount of capital and effort to develop such new TV display technologies.

Plasma TVs

The plasma TV is one of those TV technologies that are actually better modifications of the old CRT TVs. Through the years, the popularity of plasma TVs has also been growing, so there are currently numerous brands for this TV display type.

The technology of plasma TVs has been around for decades now. However, it is only in the recent years that plasma TV products have been rolled out to the market because today, the cost of assembling plasma TVs are significantly lower.

The display or screen of plasma TVs are comparatively different from the conventional TV sets or from other new technology TVs. For one, early users of plasma TVs have been lured by its superior picture quality, slim size and light weight.

However, just like all other emerging technologies, plasma TVs have advantages and disadvantages. It would be imperative that you get knowledge of these facts before you decide buying one for your own use.

Advantages of plasma TV

For one, plasma TVs are lighter in weight, and are slimmer compared to other TV types. This feature would enable the user to easily transfer the TV set whenever there is a basic rearrangement at home.

Plasma TVs are more sophisticated-looking because of their flat screens. These TV sets can also come in bigger sizes, with more than 60 inches being the biggest.

Computer compatibility is one unique feature of plasma TVs so expect the screen to be a good alternative to computer or high-definition TV screens. Thus, these TV sets are multi-functional.

The screen resolution is absolutely high in resolution, so sometimes people mistake the TV sets for HDTVs, which are far more advanced and are considered the latest apple of the eye of TV technology aficionados. The color of the images are also extremely exceptional so you’ll definitely enjoy watching programs.

Disadvantages of plasma TVs

Being so slim and light that it is, the plasma TV is still not the slimmest and lightest TV around. Comparatively, another TV technology, LCD TV, has a slimmer screen and lighter weight than the plasma TV.

For people who may not know more about burn-in, plasma TV may be susceptible to that. When a TV has burn-in screen, traces of an image that is long projected on the screen, will stay in the screen and appear as minor shadows, that can sometimes be annoying.

Plasma TVs also have lower brightness than other TV screen types. That is why when you are viewing the TV on a bright sunny day, and there is ample daylight at the room, you would hardly see the image on the screen.

Moreover, experts still argue that plasma TVs are good buys. If you are planning to buy a TV set, consider purchasing a plasma TV and find out for yourself why so many people are choosing it over others.

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