news about the release of the latest i phone

news about the release of the latest i phone

news about the release of the latest i phone

Not long ago the iPhone 12 was released, now there are leaked features of Apple’s upcoming new smartphone, the next series iPhone.

In the leaks circulating, the next series iPhone. is rumored to come with some significant improvements.

now they will develop again with the latest technology and features including those that have been successful in the market for iPhone 12 offers and now rumors say the Apple company will release a new product, the next series iPhone.

with specifications:

120 Hz screen

The first leak, Apple is said to provide support for a 120 Hz refresh rate on the iPhone 13 screen. This rumor is not something new.

The reason is that information has been circulating for a long time if Apple will adopt a 120 Hz refresh rate on its smartphones. At that time it was predicted to be present on the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max but ended up being thrown away due to technical and cost issues.

Although it is predicted that it will come with 120 Hz refresh rate support, reportedly not all next iPhone series will adopt this screen.

ET News reports that only the next series iPhone. will adopt it. Both phones will use a 120Hz LTPO OLED panel. While the standard iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini will use a 60Hz OLED LTPS panel.

Another next iPhone leak is related to the port for charging cellphones. Instead of changing the port type from Lightning to USB Type C, Apple is said to be removing the charger port.

This rumor is not new. The presence of the iPhone 12 series confirms that the possibility of losing this charger port will become a reality in the future.

Because, as we all know, the release of the iPhone 12 series did not include a charger in the purchase package and introduced MagSafe for wireless recharging.

This is touted as Apple’s attempt to “train” users to get used to using wireless chargers. So that if Apple removes the charger port on its cellphone, users won’t be surprised.