OC192 Bandwidth and OC192 Line Providers


Fiber optic networks measure their capacity with Optical Carrier Transmission Rates; the higher the OC number, the greater load your bandwidth can handle. Opting for a high-rating bandwidth such as the OC192 optimizes the speed of your network at nearly ten Gigabits per second. (To put that in perspective, that’s ten billion bits of digital information per second; most device-speeds are measured in slower Kilobit or Megabit terms.) This level of bandwidth also allows for heavy “traffic” in the form of real-time streaming, transfer of large media files, and multiple synchronous users.

In-House Networking on High Bandwidth
A network of this caliber is also designed to interact in conjunction with a 10 Gigabit Ethernet, supporting your in-house computer networking with optimal access to high-speed and high-quantity traffic from the internet connection at its hub. Many businesses dealing in online multimedia or real-time synchronous applications (such as “virtual boardrooms,” online classrooms, information technology, or streaming media) choose to operate with this sort of system.

WiFi and Network Speed
In assessing your network options, you should be aware that, although you can create a WiFi hub centered on this high-speed bandwidth, the WiFi itself isn’t currently capable of matching the transmission capacity of the wired network. For high-speed or high-data traffic, you’ll still want to install the Ethernet wires to your computer stations. (Wireless connections, of course, can still be used in conjunction with your network; you’ll just want to keep your high-volume operations to the “wired” hardware.)

Availability of High-Speed Bandwidth
Availability of any given bandwidth will depend on the infrastructure available in your particular geographical region. Carriers tend to upgrade the infrastructure to keep up with (or ahead of) consumer use and demand, so many metropolitan areas have already seen the switch to higher-OC bandwidth. To find out what options may be available to you, you can seek the free-quote services of a high-speed internet provider (or a telecommunications service which works with multiple providers to provide services to different areas).

Choosing a Provider
In seeking a service provider, be prepared to talk about your bandwidth use (both current and projected) in order to enable a provider to propose the best possible options for your situation. A worthwhile provider will work with you to assess your needs and optimize your resources with both services and prices to suit your situation. The provider will be willing to guide you through the signup and installation process for your new network.

If you’ve suffered from lost data, bottlenecked transmissions, or even loss of sales or customers due to the limitations of your internet connection, you may well benefit from looking into an OC192 connection. The increased reliability and capacity for growth may be just the boost you need.

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