The World’s Most Expensive 3D Printers


How substantially would you spend for a 3D printer? Granted, when we begun a good printer may possibly run in excess of $1,000 but the price tag has appear way down. Until of yourse, you go pro. We had been disappointed that this [All3DP] submit didn’t involve rates, but we noticed a pattern: if your 3D printer has stairs, it is possibly a big buy. In accordance to the tag line on the publish, the printers are all north of $500,000.

Pricey printers usually have exclusive technologies, bigger degrees of automation, massive capacity or some mix of that, and a several other aspects. At least two of the printers mentioned experienced stairs to attain the prime sections of the machine. And the Black Buffalo — a cement printer — makes use of a gantry that appears like it is element of a light display at a live performance. It is scalable, but seemingly can go up to a few tales tall!

Dimensions is not always the largest element, but it aids. The ExOne S-Max Professional has a 1,260 liter establish volume (see the video beneath). On the other hand, the Optomec LENS 860 appears to be like huge, but not that huge. It does, nevertheless, make significant titanium sections, so there is that. For wow factor, the SLM Answers NXG XII 600 has a full of 12 lasers. Just about every laser carries 1,000 watts.

We set a handful of videos beneath. Test out the large-resolution print head on the Black Buffalo. Just kidding, we have printers practically as large as the orifice of that factor.

We’ve found some very big printers right before. Of course, some printers do not have to be big to make truly massive prints.


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