VPS Hosting – What Is Web Hosting?


Have an established business? Considering starting your own website to help promote your product? You also should start to consider finding a web hosting service. Before you take the dive it is important to know what exactly web hosting is. Web hosting is basically the leasing of space on a web server. A web server is set up with software that sends and receives files stored on it. When web hosting is purchased, it is basically for a monthly maintenance fee and upgrading along with multiple other things. If you are starting your own web page, it is important to decide which will best suit your needs: a shared server, a dedicated server or would you be better off with VPS hosting?

Most websites are run on a shared server. The server is split among clients which helps keep the cost down. This is the most cost effective way to start a website. Each client is allowed a certain amount of resources depending on the package they purchase. Those with websites that are more powerful mainly use dedicated hosting. These are the websites that generate a lot of traffic or are more powerful than the smaller web pages. The shared server is less expensive but it is “shared.” For those that require a bit more out of their server but not quite ready for a dedicated server may choose VPS hosting.

VPS hosting is an intermediary between the shared server and the dedicated server. It is still a shared system but it has been partitioned which gives each website more individual control over their page. This type of hosting is more expensive than the shared hosting but less expensive than the dedicated hosting. If you are ready to have more control but not technologically advanced enough to have total control this might be a good option for you.

When you are looking for a web hosting service it is important to consider what exactly it is you page needs. Consider the amount of bandwidth you will need as well as how much memory capacity you will need. If your business is growing then you should grow your business to accommodate your viewers or customers. Change is a good thing especially when it is moving in the right direction. Business growth is definitely a positive change so if your business is moving in the right direction VPS hosting just might be the accommodating upgrade you need.

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