What Are the Features of the Sharp Microwave Oven?


A reliable microwave oven comes with several features that make food preparation much easier for you. Some brands introduce impressive advanced technology that will leave you in awe at how efficient they really work. However, along with the amazing features come with a skyrocketing price, which oftentimes make you sceptical to decide on buying the product.

Hence, when you are looking for a good microwave oven, check the features as well as the price. The best thing to do is to compare several brands so that you have many options. You will only end up discouraged if you noticed that the microwave brand that you bought is even more expensive than another brand that has similar features.

Sharp microwave ovens rank as one of the top manufacturers of microwave ovens for several years now. You can truly rely on the excellent quality, performance and functions of these microwaves. Learn more about the interesting features that this brand offers, which leave the other brands in the dust.

Healthy Menus in Cookbooks

Sharp has great concern for your health; that is why if you purchase some models of Sharp microwave oven (R480LW, R490NS, R350LW and so on), you get to have a free cookbook that contain healthy recipes. You can even prepare these great dishes by using your Sharp microwave oven.

Quick Cooking

Even if your roasted chicken is frozen, you can easily cook it using the Express Cook feature in Sharp microwaves. This comes with pre-programmed menu options that further deliver convenience and efficiency in using the microwave. You can also check out the Express Menu option that allows you to cook a particular dish quickly. With the press of a button, you can cook in seconds several pre-programmed dishes such as casserole, pasta and risotto.

Quick Defrosting

You no longer need to thaw frozen meats the conventional way, which is by putting it on a plate and placing it on your countertop. With the Express Defrost option in sharp microwaves, you can thaw any frozen food item in a snap. This feature automatically calculates and applies the ideal time and power level in defrosting an item based on its weight. You will no longer have to wait for minutes for a frozen meat to thaw; you only need to wait for a few seconds because of this great feature!

Sensor Cooking Feature

Because of the humidity sensors of Sharp microwaves, you no longer have to rely on guesswork in cooking different food items. This feature checks on the humidity and moisture of the food to figure out the ideal power level needed. Hence, you can save on energy, time and effort because of this advanced technology.

Automatic Cooking Option

If you are not sure how long a particular items needs to cook thoroughly, simply select the food category from the options in the panel. Then, type in the food item’s weight using this feature. Afterward, the microwave does its job by identifying and activating the right power level and time needed to cook the food.

Cooking is definitely a breeze because of these amazing features in Sharp microwave ovens. Check out the different models it has, and you will surely find one that is perfect for your cooking needs.

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