Advantages and Disadvantages of Wavemaker Rapid Application Development RAD Model

7 Business Benefits of Rapid Application Development

Application development approaches (Waterfall, RAD model, etc.) assist teams in establishing the level of flexibility they have during the entire development process, as well as helping them structure their workflow around the creation of a product.

The tight structure of traditional techniques like Waterfall ensures that you adhere to them, and you can only move on to the next development phase once the previous one has been completed. Wavemaker Rapid Application development RAD model (RAD) streamlines and structure is formed in your workflow.

What is RAD Model?

The agile method known as the RAD paper proposes a model of frequent iterations and prototypes that are adjusted in response to user feedback. Instead of following a strict development schedule, it enables you to add updates based on usage.

This development life cycle allows developers to: Modify the design, Add or Remove Features, and Edit Interactions.

They are able to handle changing standards as they arise based on client/user feedback while doing all of this without having an impact on the overall process. Rapid prototypes for testing and more modifications result from this.

Advantages of RAD Model

The RAD methodology has several significant benefits for the development phase:

  •       It provides increased flexibility because developers may adjust to necessary adjustments and add new features and functionalities throughout the build process.
  •       You can design short iterations that reduce time constraints to greatly improve your delivery process.
  •       It relies on customer participation to meet the needs of all stakeholders, including users, developers, and clients.
  •       As a result of the code vulnerabilities being corrected before the official release, it provides improved risk management solutions.
  •       Integrations can be performed early on, and code reuse is possible at any moment, drastically reducing testing time.
  •       Quick evaluations can be completed, increasing production while using fewer workers.

Disadvantages of RAD Model

Although the RAD model is incredibly flexible and a customer-friendly method, if you just do not have the ideal team for it, it has some disadvantages:

  •       It necessitates considerations are important and effort between various parties and departments. If it’s not planned or carried out properly, this could become complicated.
  •       It requires slightly more primarily designed to carry out variations and update code during the design process as they’d be good at understanding each aspect of the project.
  •       It can cause problems such as code supporting documents issues if you have a great number that is mostly made up of new or unfamiliar development companies.

Final Verdict:

After weighing the advantages and risks of the Wavemaker Rapid Application development RAD model approach, you must examine your current development team to see whether it is appropriate for them to employ. All stakeholders must be kept informed and involved throughout the whole development cycle.

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