Blue Screen on Windows Start Up – What Causes This and How You Can Fix This Quickly


If your computer has blue screen errors on windows start up there can be several reasons for this. This is a serious system error and if it is not fixed your system can end up with serious corruption or worse it may not even start up at all.

Here are some causes of this error.

#1 Incorrect drivers are installed.
#2 The windows registry is corrupt.
#3 The boot record or MBR as it is called is corrupt or infected with malware.
#4 A program or a device you just installed is causing your PC to crash.

Here are the steps you to need to take to verify this and to stop your PC crashing on you.

a) If you have just installed or updated drivers remove them or roll back to the previous version. To check there are no problems with drivers do the following.

#1 Click start.
#2 Right click on my computer on the start menu. Go to properties and then click on device manager.
#3 If you find any device with a yellow exclamation mark uninstall the drivers and install the latest drivers or roll back to older drivers.

b) Repair corrupt registry entries. This is probably the biggest cause of blue screen errors on windows start up. Here is how to do this.

#1 Download a system ad registry scanner.
#2 Run a full system scan on your computer and fix all the problems automatically.#3 Restart your PC.

c) Corrupt boot record.

If The boot record is corrupt you need to fix it immediately Or you may end up with an inoperable PC.
How do you know if this is corrupt? You will usually receive a message saying there is a problem with the master boot record.

If you see this you should first of all scan your computer for viruses, then run check disk on your hard drive in case there are bad sectors where important data is stored. To run this go to the windows start menu then run and type in “chkdsk /f” without the quotes. A box will appear. Press y to check your computer on restart. If this does not fix the error run a scan with a system and registry scanner to fix the problem and get rid of blue screen errors on windows start up. This is better than having to reinstall windows. All you need to do is to follow these steps here to fix your PC quickly and fix blue screen errors on windows start up.

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