Colocation Offers Cloud Computing Flexibility


Organizations looking to increase IT efficiency, are quickly turning to colocation as a valuable solution. The ability to maximize IT infrastructure and gain flexibility is now easier than ever. One of the greatest benefits of colocation, is the dynamic nature of cloud computing.

There are many advantages to cloud computing that apply to businesses of all sizes and in many different industries. The most significant are flexibility, independence, reliability, scalability, security and maintenance. When considering a data center, be sure to address each of these areas in the due diligence process. The data center you choose should be able to deliver each of these benefits.

One of the greatest advantages of colocation is cloud flexibility. It gives you the ability to appropriate and repurpose your technology infrastructure resources, quickly and efficiently. You can be sure the needs of your business will be met, no matter the situation.

Another popular benefit is the independence it provides. Users are able to access systems from anywhere, regardless of their device or location. For many businesses this is a priceless advantage. The ability to connect from anywhere is quickly shifting from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” and is now considered standard in many industries.

There is no doubt that reliability is a leading factor in many businesses now choosing off-site data centers. Cloud computing allows organizations to rest assured that uptime and operational resources will not fail. When researching data centers, pay attention to security, power systems, temperature control and at least 99% uptime.

Many organizations are now relying on colocation because of the highly scalable nature of cloud computing. Cloud computing allows for quick and easy allocation of resources in a monitored environment where overloading is never an issue. From small organizations to large enterprise companies, colocation can be scaled to fit your business.

One issue not to be overlooked when choosing a data center is security. One primary benefit of cloud computing is the security entailed. Cloud services should provide 24/7 security and infrastructure redundancy to make sure your resources are safe. A provider with SAS70 Type II compliance is highly recommended.

Systems maintenance has long been a burden for IT departments. However, cloud computing offers a liberating alternative. With no installation required for users, updates and changes can be made quickly and easily. These updates will be available to users immediately. It is certainly a way to relive IT burdens for better use of resources.

Cloud computing offers many advantages to businesses and these are only a few. Any organization looking to do more with their IT resources should consider colocation. No longer the mystery it once was, it is rapidly becoming a necessity for businesses, small and large.

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