Computer Running Slow – Stop Your PC Slowing Down and YouTube Freezing


There are times when people do not really mind if their computers slows down a bit but would become anxious if it takes more than the usual time to process data thereby interfering with their work. However, you can still prolong the life and the efficiency level of your computer and stop your computer running slow and prevent YouTube freezing on you.

An understanding of how viruses and worms infect your computer may help you to take care of your computer to avoid the slowing down and possible system freezing and crashing. Computers today get infected through viruses and worms easily.

A computer virus is a tiny fragment of software that rides on real programs. Each time that you run a program, it is triggered also to work and to reproduce itself. Worms are tiny fragments too that makes use of computer networks and security holes in your computer’s system to reproduce itself and cause you real problems.

The presence of viruses and worms can affect the efficiency rate of your computer and may cause severe damage to your computer. However, you can prevent your computer from getting infected by installing system scanners and anti-virus programs. In case some virus or worm is detected, your computer would be able to initiate necessary steps to get rid of the infection and stop your computer running slow on you.

Aside from viruses and worms, your computer tends to slow down also because of errors in the registry. All activities that you do with your computer are recorded in the registry data base. If it gets corrupt it will result in your computer running slow and YouTube slowing down and freezing too. Spyware, malware and viruses can all cause these errors as they alter the registry for their own purposes to grab passwords and financial data from your PC.

You can avoid the slowing down of your computer if you run a system and registry scanner and clean your registry of unwanted files and programs. You can do it on your own provided that you have the sufficient technical knowledge and ability to do so. But if not, it is better for you to install a system scanner to do the task because you might commit an error which is not reversible, resulting in data loss and corruption.

Protect your computer by downloading and running a system scanner and stop your computer running slow and YouTube freezing on you.

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