Deno runtime backs inlay hints for coding

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The latest version of the Deno runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript has been enhanced with inlay hint capabilities.

Announced October 27, Deno 1.27 has language server and IDE improvements, including taking advantage of TypeScript 4.4 inlay hints. With this capability, small snippets of information are added to inline code, potentially making it more readable and filling any gaps in information about the code.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code editor supports inlay hints, with the Deno VS Code extension supporting configuration options.

Deno also now features improved registry completions in editors that support it, although that capability is not specifically tied to the Deno 1.27 release.

Additional features in Deno 1.27 include:

  • Deno will automatically pull in TypeScript types from NPM packages that distribute types.
  • The Node-API, for building native add-ons in Node.js, is supported when used within NPM packages. Also, NPM package resolution and integrities now are stored when using a lockfile.
  • A navigator.language web API has been added, providing a read-only property that returns a string representing the user’s preferred language.
  • For deno task, which executes custom commands specific to a codebase, a warning stating, “deno task is unstable and may drastically change in the future” has been removed. Moving forward, deno task will not drastically change, although some changes may be introduced for ease-of-use, such as new cross-platform commands or environment variables.
  • The deno lint linter has a new compact report format.
  • APIs have been stabilized such as Deno.consoleSize(), Deno.futime(), and Deno.loadavg().
  • The readline/promise module has been implemented, providing a Promises-based API for the readline module.
  • Version 1.27 updates to the V8 10.8 JavaScript engine.

Deno users can upgrade to version 1.27 by running: deno upgrade.

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