Huawei Teases Colorful New Flip Phone, Due to Launch in November

Huawei plans to launch a new Pocket S flip phone next week, continuing its clamshell-style foldable phone line that debuted last year with the P50 Pocket.

The Beijing-based company posted a video on Monday, teasing a Nov. 2 launch date for the Huawei Pocket S as well as the available colors. It hints that the Pocket S will be available in six colors, with each letter of the the word “pocket” appearing in a different hue. That means we’ll likely see the Pocket S available in black, pink, blue, yellow, white and green. 

The P50 Pocket, launched last year, is Huawei’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series, with a clamshell design that folds down into a small square. It looks similar to Samsung’s phone but it has two large circles on the outside, one with a triple-camera unit and the other with an external display that shows the time and incoming notifications. 

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Huawei P50 Pocket Is a Head-Turner


According to rumours, the upcoming Pocket S is set to run on a 4G chipset, which is pegged to be either a Snapdragon 888 4G or a Snapdragon 778G. Rumors also suggest that Huawei plans to eliminate the small cover screen on the front. This Pocket S is reportedly a lower-end version of the original P50 Pocket, which was released in the for UK and wider Europe for about £1,090 and £1,005, respectively, following their unveiling in China last year. (£1,090 converts to roughly $1,235, AU$1,950.)

The Pocket S is set to launch in China for now. It’s unclear whether the device will receive an international release.

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