The Sony Ericsson G502 and the G900 Have Seldom Missed the Latest Features


To cite a few, some of the common features of the Sony Ericsson G502 silver and the G900 brown are TFT screen, predictive text input, FM radio with RDS, downloadable games, camera, video player, wireless connectivity etc.

People going for mobile phone shopping can hardly stand their temptation when they have a review of the features of the G502 silver and the G900 Brown Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Many of the features of these two gadgets are common. Perhaps, to be in a dilemma while choosing either one becomes normal.

Listening to FM radio programmes has become a contemporary fashion these days. Therefore, with either the sony ericsson g502 silver or the sony ericsson g900 brown gadget the potential FM radio fans can retain their hobby of tuning in to their favourite channels. The users can even continue doing other task with these gadgets while simultaneously relishing the FM radio programmes. In other words, the users can continue downloading files from the Internet even while listening to their favourite song on the FM. It is viable only because of the FM radio feature with RDS in these two gadgets.

The users need not quit playing games if they are fond of games. The users can at least retain this fondness with either one of these widgets of Sony Ericsson. You can even plunge into the world of games and select those which you would enjoy the most. This is just to mention that the Sony Ericsson G502 silver and the G900 Brown help down load your favourite games too.

Professional photographers apart, though the users are amateurs they ought to own either of these two gadgets just to retain their hobby. The users just need to establish that they need not own an exclusive camera to ensure quality photograph. The users can capture any moment with the cameras of these widgets and even share them with anyone possessing compatible device.

How about a multitasking gadget with the video photography option? Like the professionals, the amateurs also can enjoy motion picture photography with these two Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Perhaps, the users won’t be let down by the reviews of the recorded motion photographs of these two widgets.

Think of the typical feature like the predictive text input. This feature is available in the Sony Ericsson G502 silver and the Sony Ericsson G900 brown as well. It helps the users save time while creating the text. When the users create text this feature predicts the words to be written and helps the users complete the words without the users typing the whole keys manually.

These two mobile phones are loaded with the Internet facility as well. This facility does help the users grow up to be a knowledgeable person as it gives you the key to the world of information. The Internet service it provides is more or less at par with that of a laptop. The Bluetooth technology in these gadgets helps the users go wireless. As the basic character of mobile phone is its mobility, the Bluetooth technology just ensures this character by helping it to be wireless.

The Sony Ericsson G900 brown comes with the Symbian operating system which is utilised to download latest applications to keep the gadget up to date. Its multitasking feature permits the users to remain on call simultaneously even when downloading or transferring files. It also supports Wi- Fi connectivity to ensure high speed wireless Internet connection. It is also equipped with document editing or reader feature. The build-in memory of this gadget is 160 megabytes which helps store huge data. It also supports the touch screen control feature which gives the users a totally different experience.

The photo fix feature in the G502 silver and the G900 brown helps the users manage the contrast and brightness of the captured photographs. The red eye reduction feature in the camera of the Sony Ericsson G900 brown helps counter the glare of red eye from the focused person which may spoil a photograph. Its stabiliser feature helps the users check the movement of hands while capturing photographs.

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