Top Questions to Ask a Bicycle Accident Attorney Before Hiring Them

When you get into a bicycle accident, you need an attorney who will be honest with you, guide you through the process, and obtain the best possible outcome. The right attorney will also be able to evaluate your damages and make sure you see a doctor for all your injuries.

How Long Have You Been in Practice?

Bike riding is a popular mode of transportation, but it does not protect riders from the massive vehicular traffic surrounding them. Injured cyclists must seek medical attention and document their injuries immediately. Then, they must build a case to receive compensation for their physical and financial damages.

This requires extensive experience, a proven record of success, and an intimate knowledge of the conditions that cause bicycle accidents. Hiring the right lawyer to represent you is crucial in your recovery.

Look for a lawyer with a long history of representing clients in similar circumstances and with the same results. They will have an easier time explaining what to expect throughout the process. This demonstrates longevity in a competitive field and indicates tenacity, staying power, and skill.

What is Your Success Rate?

When it comes to cases, attorneys measure their success in many ways. Ask an attorney about their success rate before hiring them to represent you in a case.

An experienced bike accident lawyer such as Wilk Law, LLC can help victims of a car-on-bicycle accident obtain the compensation they deserve. This compensation can include the cost of medical bills, repairing or replacing a bicycle, and other losses related to the accident.

The right bike injury attorney can also strongly advocate for their client. In addition to negotiating with insurance companies, a good lawyer can work with local government officials and engineers to make roads safer for cyclists. For example, the volunteers plow the Military Ridge Bike Path during the winter to ensure that people who ride bikes have secure access to their community during snowy conditions.

Do You Have Areas of Specialty?

Because bicycle accidents differ from car, truck, or motorcycle accident cases, you need an attorney specializing in these kinds of lawsuits. Ask about their experience with bike accident cases and ensure they have handled many of them.

An excellent way to find out how experienced a bicycle accident lawyer is is to see whether they have represented anyone injured by a careless motorist. You can also check their credentials with the local bar association.

Getting a lawyer with extensive experience is essential for your case, but you also want an attorney who can communicate efficiently and effectively. This can help them negotiate fastidiously with the other party’s lawyers, police, and insurance companies. This will increase the likelihood of you receiving maximum compensation for your injuries.

Do You Delegate Your Work?

To successfully defend your case, your attorney must be privy to all documentation and evidence of your injuries. This is why it’s so crucial that you be comprehensive and honest in your initial attorney consultation.

During this time, your attorney will take all the facts you provide and reorient them in a more favorable light. They will also guide you on what you can and cannot say to insurance companies so as not to disclose anything that could weaken your claim.

Knowing how your lawyer delegates their work can help you decide if they fit you. Ask how they plan to keep you informed throughout the case and what their preferred method of communication is. You’ll be working closely with this person, so it’s essential that you like their style.

Do You Have References?

Bicycles are a popular mode of transportation, but that doesn’t shield cyclists from dangerous drivers. If you are injured in a bicycle accident, you will need a skilled lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve.

A reasonable attorney will be honest and open with you about their success rate. Ask them how often they win cases like yours and how they managed to do so.

They can also point you toward public case databases where you can see their firm’s initial complaint, motions, orders, and final case outcome. This can give you an idea of their experience in the trenches and the targeted focus they offer.

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