Cheap eBook Readers – Yes, There’s A Cheap Kindle

Cheap eBook Readers – Yes, There’s A Cheap Kindle

While they’re not as popular as other electronic gadgets like the Tablet, cheap eBook readers are slowly finding their niche among readers across different genres.

The good thing is that as more book titles are finding their way into digital format, more brands of eBook readers have come out and you can now actually buy an eBook reader for $99, although it’s not an Amazon Kindle.

But even then, the Kindle, which was first introduced in 2007 has seen a significant cut in price, and you can own a 6-inch Kindle with Wi-Fi for only $139 brand new.

So, why are cheap electronic book readers cheap? And should you be wary that they’re a lot cheaper tablet computer or a netbook?

Well, first off, Kindle and its cousins were first made to accommodate the reading public in this digital age. So, as you would expect, most of them have limited functionality compared to the computer.

While 3G versions support Internet browsing and wireless downloading of ebooks, you practically can’t do anything else. Also, most of these devices use electronic ink technology – so you don’t read anything in color, except of course, when you’re reading through a Nook Color.

An inexpensive reader would typically have a smaller 5″ to 6″ screen, and would make a great companion for people who are traveling.

In all likelihood if you’re buying a cheap eBook reader for less than $100, it probably doesn’t have any Internet capability, and you’d have to download eBook files on your computer and transfer them to your reader via USB.

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