Fix “Ntldr is Missing” Error With a Registry Cleaner


The ntldr is missing error is a very common type of error that appears on the computer screen that is using one of the Windows operating systems. The error might take place because of multiple reasons. There are plenty of articles as well as discussions on forums about this issue, but the fact is the answer is very simple and you can solve the ntldr is missing error very easy and without the help of any technician.

More often than not, the ntldr is missing error occurs at the time the computer tries to boot from a cd-rom or a floppy disk that is not bootable. You need to first verify that the disk you try to boot from is bootable indeed. If it is not, try to replace it with a bootable one. You might get this error from corrupted files as well, so make sure the content of your bootable disk is fully readable.

The ntldr is missing error can also occur at the time a memory stick is inserted into your card reader and the PC tries to boot from it. Make sure there is no card attached to your computer at the time it begins to boot. You should also verify if the hard disk is correctly setup in the BIOS settings, because this can be one more cause for the error.

Those mentioned above are some possible causes for the occurrence of the ntldr is missing error, but the most likely cause of it is a problem with the registry entries of your computer. These are very likely to become damaged or corrupted because of the uninstall or upgrade of different software on your PC. It is not recommended that you should attempt to fix the problem manually, because the corruption of the registry entries might result in permanent loss of data and the destruction of your computer.

The best thing you can do in order to eliminate this error caused by the registry entries corruption is to use a registry cleaner software that will scan all the way through your computer, identify the problems and fix them correctly. The entire operation will not last more than several minutes and your computer will be effectively restored to the original functions. You will save plenty of money and time since you will not need the help of a specialist when it comes to eliminate the errors caused by registry damage from the PC.

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