Cloud Computing Virtualization


Today, more companies are realizing the benefits of cloud computing virtualization due to its flexibility, high performance, and cost-effectiveness. Cloud computing greatly improves a company’s bottom line. With cloud computing virtualization, shared servers provide the data, resources, and software, to computers and other devices, giving users the ability to acquire or deliver a resource on-demand. The customer only pays for the amount of resources used which greatly reduces costs. Cost of the service does grow with increased usage. As well, Cloud hosting is very useful during periods where a sudden onslaught of traffic is common.

Because the cloud infrastructure is enabled by virtualization, many platforms use such technologies as Citrix Systems and Microsoft. A business can run their cloud server without having to manually maintain and pay for storage partitions, bandwidth, networks, hardware, and data centers. The cloud server provider does all of the work. All of the tools you need to manage the server are available through an easy to use dashboard. Scalability of applications and managing infrastructure is fast and easy.

A Cloud computing virtual platform provides the mechanism to manage all the resources on the cloud. Migration from the desktop into the internet ‘clouds’ allows for access from anywhere there is an internet connection. As well, Cloud computing virtualization provides the infrastructure for a virtual development platform, applications, storage of data, and hosting applications. Beneficial aspects of this technology include: flexibility, reliability, reduced IT costs, easy accessibility through a web browser, high scalability, on-demand provisioning of resources, easy maintenance, improved deployment, metered resource usage. Resources on cloud hosting are very high and they are shared throughout a large collection of customers.

Open-source web server technology that includes service orientated architecture is now becoming the choice for businesses that depend heavily on e-commerce. Cloud computing solutions offer businesses a wide variety of advantages. More businesses of all sizes are using the cloud due to their efforts to contain IT infrastructure costs. Cloud hosting can be used for a wide assortment of projects and users can easily and efficiently make use of the service at a budget-friendly rate. This innovative technology is expected to increase in demand in the coming years due to its immense value to businesses.

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