Understanding The Importance of Additional Revenue As a Web Hosting Reseller

How Do I Start A Reseller Hosting Business (And How Much Money Can I Make?)

With the rise of digitalisation and the online boom, businesses understand the importance of creating an online presence. Hence, the demand for web hosting solutions is increasing tremendously. 

This is why several individuals and professionals are investing in a Reseller Hosting business and becoming Hosting Resellers—since Reseller Web Hosting is a lucrative revenue stream. 

But, at the same time, the rise in demand also saturates the segment of Reseller Hosting in India, which is one reason you, as a Hosting Reseller, must focus on building your brand as the best Reseller Hosting brand or look for the related additional revenue. 

So, in this article, we will discuss in-depth Reseller Hosting, why Hosting Resellers need additional revenue, and some sources of earning the additional revenue.

What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is the hosting service in which the hosting reseller buys the web hosting plans from the parent company and then creates the Reseller Hosting packages by setting up their brand name and prices. 

It is a lucrative business model, yet you can look for additional revenue streams to increase stability and grow the current Reseller Hosting business. 

Why do the Hosting Resellers Need Additional Revenue?

While Reseller Hosting in itself is a lucrative solution, adding a source of income makes it even more beneficial and fruitful. Here are a few reasons why you must look for additional revenue streams as a Hosting Reseller:

  1. To Become One Platform Solution  

Users find it easy and convenient to get all their services and requirements fulfilled from a one-platform solution. 

So, by opting for the additional revenue option, you can cater to one solution platform while earning revenue.

  1. To Increase Profitability

Reseller Hosting in itself is a single service you have served till now, which not only affects your revenue but gives you less chance of earning profit. 

However, when you start offering the complimentary services of one platform solution, as discussed in point one, you can earn higher profits.

  1. To outgrow From The Saturated Market

You should move the additional revenue option because if you research well, you will find that. 

With the increase in demand, numerous hosting reseller comes into the ground. It makes the market saturated, or we can say it has become the Red Ocean now, where either the big fish can survive, or you have to cut the cost to sell your services, which is not recommended. 

Thus, it is better to look at the additional revenue stream to become the big fish and get a stable revenue income.

What are some of the Additional Revenue Options for Hosting Resellers?

  • Domain Registration 

Before starting with creating a website and hosting, every single person is required to register their domain name and get reliable domain hosting. So, it is one of the great revenue options you can offer your clients.

  • Content Creation 

Website is nothing about its content. So again, this is one of the best options you can offer with Reseller Hosting.

  • SSL Certificates

SSL or Secure Socket Layer are the certificates used to authenticate the website identity. Thus, every genuine website wants to buy the SSL certificate along with a reliable hosting option, which again makes it an excellent option for additional revenue.

  • Email Hosting

Many web hosting buyers also require reliable hosting to host their emails. So it can also be one great option.

Final Thoughts 

Generally, it is recommended to get financial freedom early; you must build the seven revenue streams for yourself. It’s your calling, which one you choose and scale. 

However, try the option that can easily become your passive income so you can enjoy and invest the money without investing yourself much. Good Luck! 

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