Computer Books Are Important to Have on Your Small Business Book Shelf


Computers are a way of life and yet two decades ago computers did not even exist, well, not personal computers like the type that every single person in America owns and has in their home or office. Sometimes keeping up with the technology is not easy at all.

There are always new words to learn with each new technology and it is as enough you have to learn a whole new language just to understand what those in the industry are talking about. There are always new buzzwords and you must learn at least some of these words otherwise you cannot comprehend what the computer experts are trying to explain to you.

It is for this reason that I’d like to recommend a very good book to you and one, which I believe you should have in your own personal library so that you do not get behind on computer vocabulary. The book is called;

“Computer; a dictionary of computer words of the English Language (new Revised Edition) Trident Press international; Date: 2001.

So, you ask why did I like this book so much, well indeed, I’d like to explain just why this book is a must read and why it is my contention that you should own a copy to have in your own personal library at home or in the office. First, the back of this book has 120 pages labeled; An Introduction To Personal Computers.

While the first part of the book is a pocket dictionary with just about every single word that has to do with computers that was invented before the year 2000. No, words like; blog, blogger, blogging and social networking are not in it, but in a way that just proves the point of how fast the computer world moves and why you need to stay on top of it. So, please consider this.

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