Delivering Customer Service on a Budget

How to Improve Your Customer Service on a Budget | Paldesk

Providing a good customer experience is a top priority for any business to thrive in this super-competitive world. Any business that focuses on providing excellent customer service can decrease churn and boost revenues. However, the customer experience solutions are expensive. If you have a small business, managing pricey customer platforms may not be possible for you. 

A large company can find it easier to manage its budget for the customer service department and be able to provide the required customer experience. Xfinity is one of the largest internet service providers in the US, catering to around 80 million households. It has a number of communication channels, from phone lines, and email services, to live chat and social media, and that too owing to the great support team working at Xfinity customer service 24/7. 

Importance of Customer Service

Companies cannot survive without their customers, that’s for sure. Companies need to focus on becoming a customer-centric system so they can work on improving the retention and satisfaction of their customers. A good customer experience will boost upselling for any business. The following reason is why brands should work on the quality customer experience;

  • 74% of the customers want brands to under their needs, according to Forbes.
  • 64% of the customer stated that customer satisfaction is much more important than the price of the products or services.
  • Only 8% of the customers feel that they are getting a good customer support experience.
  • A survey from Bloomberg Businessweek reported that brands are now working towards improving their customer service to eliminate the cost of poor customer service.

Hence, it doesn’t matter what kind of products or services you are selling and it doesn’t matter if your brand is small or big, your business will only experience a positive fluctuation if there is good customer service.  

Customer Service Experience on a Budget

An online customer experience on a tight budget is still possible and can have a vital impact when customers are experiencing difficulties and roadblocks. 

Voice of Customer. Businesses can work towards improving the customer experience by providing sales, marketing, technology, and product teams with information and insights on what the customers think about their processes, strategies, and the whole experience. Using the format of customers’ behavior and preferences can be pieced together to gain valuable insights. Also, customer feedback is important for helping your business improve the understanding of the customer and their products or services.

Customer-Centric Mentality. Another way for businesses to improve the customer experience on a budget is by building a customer-focused mentality. This means that you can analyze customer information and use ideas from there to connect with and serve the customers. This customer-centric mentality will help your business in the long run and it is important for the business’s success. 

Building Internal Brand. It is also important for the brands to engage with their employees since they are a big part of bringing about an excellent customer experience. Hence, internal branding refers to ensuring that your employees are customer-centric and working towards customer satisfaction. The brands need to work on accepting customer feedback and complaints as well as motivate and follow up with their employees. 

Provide Self-Service. Customers tend to look at and solve the problems by themselves before contacting any customer support personnel because they like to be responsible for their own solutions. The self-service option is an efficient solution for improving customer sentiment. And if they have any questions regarding the self-service, or are unable to find solutions, they will reach out to the customer support themselves.

Resolve Customer Problems Creatively. When there is bad customer service, customers refuse to do any business with the brands, which is why customer experience should always be a priority. There are always ways to resolve customer problems while being on a budget. Thinking creatively to solve these problems will allow you to gain a loyal customer base. 

Final Thoughts

Managing finances is definitely a challenge when you are running a business, and prioritizing tasks requires strategy on which aspect of the business requires the most monetary attention. However, customer service should be the number one focus of all businesses, regardless of their financial position. Brands should remember that customer is the main focus while they are working towards delivering a positive customer experience. As long as they focus on it, they will do great in providing empowering experiences to their customers, even on a tight budget.