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One of my favorite things to do with Google Slides™ is to have students add a slide and add their response to a question. However, this is not always manageable. What if you are using Google Slides™ with unknown audience members? Or at least, the audience members are not on your class roster. So how do you make your Google Slides presentation more interactive? Try Audience Participator by Alice Keeler.

Add-ons by Alice Keeler

I have a passion for coding. Audience Participator is my 17th approved Add-on. I do NOT collect user data. Try toTabs to sort Google Form responses in the spreadsheet into individual tabs. Use Doc to Slides to send text from a Google Doc to Google Slides. Hack Seating Chart Slides to create vocabulary tiles in a Google Slides.

Audience Participator by Alice Keeler

This Add-on allows the audience to fill out a Google Form and the responses become part of your Google Slides presentation. If you have come to one of my keynote presentations you have seen me use this trick. Wanting to involve my audience I add slides to my presentation that prompts the audience to respond in the Google Form. Upon form submission, their response is added as a slide to the presentation.

Push the Question

Audience Participator allows you to push the question from the slide to the form.

TIP: Only have one text box on the question slide.

Audience Participator by Alice Keeler takes the text from a textbox and changes the first question in the form to match. BUT WHICH TEXTBOX? You have no control over this. If there is more than one textbox on the slide, one of the textboxes will be chosen without your input.

The Same Google Form

Since you can push the question from the Google Slides to the Form, you will reuse the same form throughout the presentation. Create a short URL and/or a QR code for the audience to fill out the form. When you prompt a second question, they will fill out the same form.

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Start with Google Slides

Audience Participator by Alice Keeler works with any Google Slides. (Note: you need the Title and Body layout. If you have a Slidesmania template it is likely the required layout is missing.) Use the Add-ons menu to select “Setup Form.”

audience participator menu in Addosn menu. Start by setting up the Form.

Setup Form

Choosing “Setup Form” creates a new Google Form and automatically connects the Form to the Slides. If you have pop-ups enabled, the Form will open in a new tab. If not, locate the Form in your Google Drive. You can require email addresses. You can also add additional questions to the BOTTOM if you need to. However, the order of the questions and sections provided in the default must be left in tact.

Push Question

Back in the Google Slides, locate the slide that has your question in a textbox. Again, I would suggest that there only be one textbox on the slide. Use the Add-on menu to “Push question.” Notice the Google Form is automatically updated with the question from the Slide.

Fill Out the Form

Try filling out the Form. Notice upon submit a new slide is added to the Google Slides, directly after the question.

Tip: Use the File menu in Google Slides and choose “Publish to the web.” You can refresh the slides at the question slide to reveal the additional participant slides (responses) in the presentation.


Push the next question to the Google Form. Use the menu to continue to push questions throughout the presentation.

Tip: Right click on the tab with the Google Slides. Duplicate. Have each duplicated tab open to each question slide. Have the sidebar menu open, ready to push the question behind the scenes.

Raffle a Winner

As a bonus, you can use the add-on to choose a random winner from those who filled out the Form. You will need to have several Form submissions for this to work. Choose “Winner” from the Audience Participator menu. A slide will be added, immediately after the active slide, with a randomly chosen name from the Google Form submissions. Note: this uses the “caption” layout. If this layout is not available there will be an error.

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Audience Participator by Alice Keeler (5)

Interactive Google Slides – Audience Participator by Alice Keeler

An interactive way to have participation with your Google Slides™. Try Alice Keeler’s Add-on Audience Participator for an innovative way to incorporate your audience into your presentation.

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