IOT Garage Door Opener Makes For Excellent Beginner IOT Project


If you dwell in a dwelling with a garage doorway opener, you could have knowledgeable a person or a lot more inescapable times. You pull up to your house, you press the button on the garage doorway opener, and… almost nothing. Or you can’t come across the garage doorway opener. Or you have to mash the button continuously to get a reaction. Or… you get the idea. Thanks to [Core Electronics] nonetheless, you now have the foundation for working with a substantially far better machine to handle your very own garage doorway: Your mobile phone. You can see the tutorial on the world wide web or in movie structure under the break.

[Michael] at [Core electronics] was tired of dealing with the inconsistencies and inconveniences of a inadequately crafted distant for his garage doorway opener. When he inspected the controller board on the garage doorway opener itself, he discovered that it was by now configured to let a few buttons to be linked: Up, Down, and Quit.

Acknowledging that a MOSFET can be configured as a swap, [Michael] created a circuit with a few this sort of devices and then related them to the Raspberry Pi Pico W. Some MicroPython code does the needful, and now [Michael] can obtain the controls from a site on his cell phone. Nifty!

We also appreciated that the tutorial offers a entire look at of the undertaking so that a starting hacker can make your mind up no matter if this is the challenge for them, and it discusses some of the protection aspects of producing your garage door and IOT gadget. Perfectly accomplished!

Offered the warnings in the online video, we speculate if [Michael] also observed the Hackaday report “The Trials And Tribulations of Making An IOT Garage Door Opener” from 2019. at?v=bIBQKl_Sots

Many thanks to [Graham] for the good suggestion!


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