PVP.net patcher kernel has stopped working [3 tested solutions]


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  • When PvP.net patcher kernel stops working, you should attempt relaunching the application with administrator privileges. 
  • Deleting some of the game’s patch files can be very instrumental in getting your game functioning well again.
  • If you opt to delete the games patch files, be careful not to alter other files, because this may stop the games Windows 11 processes from starting. 

PVP.net patcher kernel has stopped working


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Every League of Legends enthusiast is well aware of this error. You’re having fun playing the game, and from nowhere, an error message pops up – PvP.net patcher kernel has stopped working. 

Crashes in the game are a result of this error. To put it mildly, it is very irritating. Additionally, the client program would not reopen after the crash and reinstalling it will not always work.

This is a very random error, and there is not one particular circumstance that causes it. It frequently occurs when patch files get corrupted, or the program is launched as an ordinary user rather than an administrator.

As a result, there are numerous options for resolving this PvP.net patcher kernel problem. In this article, we’ll walk you through the best solutions.

This isn’t the only error that users encountered, and many reported League of Legends error 004 on their PC as well.

How can I fix PvP.Net patcher kernel if it’s not responding?

1. Launch League of Legends as an admin

  1. Locate the application on your computer, right-click on it and select the Run as administrator option. 
    pvp.net patcher kernel has stopped working
  2. If the problem disappears, exit the game and proceed to the next step.
  3. Right-click on the game icon and select the Properties option. 
    pvp.net patcher kernel has stopped working
  4. Click on the compatibility tab, under the Settings menu, check the option for Run this program as an administrator, then click the OK and Apply buttons. 
    pvp.net patcher kernel has stopped working

This is the simplest solution to the error. While you give a program administrator rights, it can conduct its activities without being hampered, bypassing the system’s checks and firewalls that would have been mandatory while running it in the regular mode.

2. End the task

  1. Right-click on the Start menu and select Task Manager.
    pvp.net patcher kernel has stopped working
  2. Look for the League of Legends processes in the Task Manager, right-click on them and select the End task option. 
    pvp.net patcher kernel has stopped working
  3. Restart the program again to see if the problem is fixed. 

Another fast solution that has been effective for many customers is stopping and restarting the games’ app and processes on Windows 11’s Task Manager. When this is done, it closes all of its windows and deletes all the data stored in the PC memory.

3. Remove the game patch files

  1. On your PC, locate the League of Legends’ directory and open the RADS folder.
  2. In this folder, navigate:
  3. Now delete the releasemanifest and S_OK files.
pvp.net patcher kernel has stopped working
  1. Finally, double-click on the Deploy folder and delete the logs, META-INF, LoLClient.exe, and lol.properties files. 
    pvp.net patcher kernel has stopped working

If the first two fixes did not work, you should try deleting certain League of Legends game patch files. It’s conceivable that the patch files have been corrupted or their defaults have been altered.

Whenever a patch file is deleted from the game, the program will download it again in place of the created space.

All three solutions are easy fixes to apply.

However, suppose you are adopting the third fix, we recommend paying close attention to deleted files or folders because you would want to avoid deleting folders that are integral to starting the game’s processes.

Note that relaunching the game will not work when you have a pvp.net patcher kernel error, and you will need to take different steps if League of Legends won’t launch.

We hope you can now play League of Legends without a recurring PvP.net patcher kernel error. Let us know which of these solutions have been most helpful in the comments.

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