Robin shows off gadgets and teleportation tech in Gotham Knights gameplay trailer


What is a Robin with out a Batman? Nightcrawler, apparently. The newest gameplay trailer for Gotham Knights is live, showcasing Robin along with his bo workers and teleportation tech. Indeed, our Boy Ponder is utilizing not just tools but brains when moving into a fight. The trailer shows just what Robin is capable of, and by that I necessarily mean dishing out the soreness.

Robin, aka Tim Drake, is just one of the four playable characters coming to Gotham Knight. In the tale, Batman is dead (uh huh), and a new menace has arrived in the sort of the Courtroom of Owls. Now, without the need of the Caped Crusader main the charge, the Bat Loved ones — Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Crimson Hood — team up to save the metropolis. For Robin in certain, his gameplay trailer displays that he’s a lot more than just a sidekick.


Robin works by using his wits and devices to turn out to be a really able combatant. Working with a grappling hook from the air will allow him to zip down on unsuspecting enemies with a swift boot kick. In the trailer, we see him use a slingshot to start a flashbang when surrounded. His quarterstaff can collapse throughout beat, leaving him far more solutions. He can also drop a hologram, which distracts and confuses enemies.


An appealing reveal in the gameplay trailer is Robin’s teleportation tech. Like with Pink Hood’s “Mystical Leap,” developer Warner Bros. Games Montreal has released yet another unforeseen aspect for a person of its heroes. Making use of the “Justice League satellite,” Robin can now shut medium to very long distances by teleporting all over an arena. You can see how it activates in the trailer, supplying you a moveable goal icon from which Robin will reappear to provide some street justice.

“Robin can zap himself across the battlefield, employing velocity and surprise to his benefit in a fight,” reads his description in the push launch. “What he lacks in knowledge, he helps make up for in purely natural intelligence, with detective techniques that are on par with, if not even greater than, Batman himself. Robin deeply thinks that Gotham Metropolis demands a Batman and aspires to one particular working day get up the mantle himself. And when the time will come, he will be all set.”

Gotham Knights will bamf onto Pc when it launches on Oct 25.

Robin Teleportation Gadgets Gotham Knights Gameplay Trailer 2

The trailer also reveals off some pretty great costumes for Robin.


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