Should You Buy a Robot Vacuum Cleaner? 5 Things to Consider


Robot vacuum cleaning up orange hair next to a sitting cat.

Robot vacuums audio good in concept. Your floors are cleaned each day by a robotic assistant so that when you wake up or get house from operate you have just one considerably less thing to do. Sadly, the idea doesn’t always translate nicely in follow.

Robot Vacuums Have Genuine Positive aspects

A robot vacuum is precisely what it appears like: a smaller, autonomous cleansing device that deploys alone instantly to clean up just after you. The moment you have produced the first expenditure, they’re amazingly inexpensive to operate and involve only periodic awareness from you in the form of emptying them as you would a regular vacuum.

Robot vacuums are a lot lesser than your normal cylinder, upright, or stick vacuum cleaners. They really don’t have to have to be ergonomic given that you won’t be “using” them in the standard perception. Due to the fact they don’t have to be human-evidence, they can also forego significantly of the steel tubes and really hard-donning plastic that you might come across on a Hoover or Henry.

iRobot Roomba s3+

By considerably the greatest attract of a robotic vacuum cleaner is that they clean your floors so you really do not have to. Most allow for you to plan or manually deploy them, usually applying a smartphone application or net interface. They run on a established-and-forget foundation, and if you function out of the dwelling in the working day you could in no way cross paths with one in your hallway.

Not only do they thoroughly clean your house automatically, but they also return to their charging docks at the finish of a cycle so that they’re completely ready to go up coming time. You simply cannot fail to remember to charge a robot vacuum, and most will even notify you when it’s time to vacant the dust compartment.

Considering the fact that they’re a whole lot more compact than a regular vacuum, they’re a whole lot quieter far too. They use supplemental tricks like modest brushes that sweep particles towards the most important ingestion and some can even detect the form of surface area they are cleaning and alter as required.

Perhaps the greatest reward of all is that your cat could possibly just sit on the robot vacuum and present you with an countless source of Instagram fodder, as shown in this put up from the account reallydumbcats. Be ready for this to go the other way and for your cat to hate you for introducing a new adversary to their domain much too.

Your Abode (and Existence) Should Be Compatible

By much the most significant query to talk to oneself just before you spend in a robotic vacuum is: is my dwelling, and by extension daily life, appropriate?

Dwelling structure is one obstacle. Not everybody life in a contemporary apartment with stage carpets and walls at suitable angles. Some people are living in older residences, although many others have quirky layouts that may pose a problem.

If your residence has a blend of carpet, tiles, and wood flooring you very likely have transitions amongst surfaces. These can be bumpy and uneven, and your vacuum may possibly not be in a position to navigate them. You may perhaps live in a split-amount house with ways leading from one living area to one more, for which there is currently no remedy in the robot vacuum world. Dyson is reportedly operating on the problem, on the other hand.

Robot vacuum on the edge of a staircase

But format is only one aspect of the puzzle. Most of us have a tiny jungle of interestingly-shaped home furniture and objects in our homes like shoes in the hallway or apparel on the bedroom flooring. Cables are another unpleasant but required evil, and if you lease you may possibly not be ready to sufficiently deal with the challenge.

If you have kids or animals, you’re in all probability utilised to toys and pursuits cluttering up the floor. These goods are like Czech hedgehogs for most robotic vacuum cleaners, and may possibly cause them to stay away from massive spots totally. It’s not usually possible to very clear the way before your robot does its thing.

This is not an difficulty when accomplishing a weekly clear or location-repairing trouble spots. But the complete point of a robot vacuum is usefulness, so you could want to consider how significantly you’ll will need to nanny your autonomous assistant for it to perform as advertised.

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They Never Thoroughly Exchange Your Typical Vacuum

Robot vacuums were being in no way made to be the only vacuum you own but rather to support continue to keep the spot a little bit tidier. In light-weight of this, you could possibly come across that your dollars is superior invested on a do-it-all unit as an alternative.

Choose a next to imagine about all the other factors you could possibly use a vacuum cleaner for aside from cleaning your flooring. This could possibly include things like:

  • Dusting really hard-to-arrive at sites
  • Cleansing your auto
  • Freshening up cupboards and drawers
  • Finding in in between the cushions on your sofa
  • Vacuum sealing bedding and other fabric

You may well also want to consider the factors they do not do so properly. Some have difficulties with darker floors and mistakenly consider they are about to just take a dive. Whilst most will tackle pet hair to some diploma, they frequently pale in comparison to a typical vacuum intended especially with pet hair in mind.

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They’re Still Fairly Dear

The greatest robotic vacuums will however price tag you an arm and a leg, and for superior cause. These are the most effective on the marketplace, with fancy capabilities like smart household integration, prolonged battery life, and self-cleansing or emptying mechanisms.

For illustration the iRobot Roomba s9+ nonetheless costs in surplus of $1000. iRobot statements it is their smartest and most powerful design, but it’s however limited in conditions of what can be attained. It simply cannot navigate measures or shift your dog’s favored chew bone, even though its effectiveness is between the most effective in course.

iRobot Roomba s9+

Less costly versions are a great deal far more well known, but like any more affordable variation of a higher-tech products, they come with their individual established of disadvantages. At the other conclusion of the spectrum to the Roomba s9+ is the Lefant M201 at much less than $150. In this value selection, the internal factors are heading to be substantially considerably less trustworthy and susceptible to breaking, and numerous critiques (even the beneficial ones) complain about bad software package and establish excellent.

Lefant M201

Finances robotic vacuums often deficiency the extra clever options that make them eye-catching in the first position. You should really assume to get what you shell out for but even the best could fall short of anticipations.

They May perhaps Do Far more Damage Than Excellent

Did you see that information tale that built the rounds a number of years ago the place a dog operator got house to a awful shock? Dubbed “poopocalypse” the challenge has become so commonplace that iRobot now utilizes AI to steer clear of what most of us would consider a nightmare situation.

Pet dogs and cats have mishaps, it is a component of owning animals. The large majority of robot vacuums in homes close to the earth do not use AI to steer clear of the presents that your puppy or cat may possibly leave all-around the home from time to time.

Inka, an unimpressed cat
Tim Brookes

What starts off as an oopsie in the hallway could speedily come to be a complete-property ordeal. Most tales conclude with only a compact area of the dwelling currently being impacted (in addition to the robot vacuum by itself, of program) but then there is normally that just one person.

This problem will almost certainly go absent as extra vacuums are capable to recognize undesirable subject but for now, it is a thing to keep in head if you stay with furry close friends.

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Robotic Vacuums Suck

In many predicaments, a robotic vacuum is likely to preserve you several hours every thirty day period. They are specifically perfect in areas wherever you might not want to have a significant vacuum, like open-program loft conversions, basements, property fitness centers, or workplace environments that have been very carefully prepared.

They are just not great for anyone, and if your life isn’t robotic vacuum-ready then your dollars could be improved spent in other places (for now). Wanting to know which one is the ideal of the bunch? Test out our robotic vacuum tips.


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